The Kręta

Nadodrze is a neglected district of Wroclaw and Kręta Street is quite typical to it. The aim of Dom Pokoju (House of Peace) foundation created within the “Wrocław – Wejście od podwórza” project (Wroclaw – the courtyard entrance, ECC Wroclaw 2016) was to revitalize the yard – make changes in the location – from sidewalks and flowerbeds up to street furniture. The walls were partially repainted. Residents, with whom changes were consulted, agreed, that they would like to have the symbols of the local football team WKS on the yard’s walls.

I decided to approach the matter diplomatically to meet the interests of both children and football fans. Wall-painted games were to be a new backyard activity, allowing a healthy competition and practice of dexterity. I refreshed the old goal painted on the wall, prepared targets to aim with the ball, designed a maze inspired by a football field and two chequered fields to play battleship. I used WKS colour scheme.