Krzyk (the Scream) is one of the most recognizable alternative theatres in Poland. It is distinguished by a strong and uncompromising action. The theatre stages only its own plays and it takes part in international projects working with the youth. The theatre participates in festivals and contests often receiving major awards.

The graphic symbol was primarily designed to reflect the characteristic energy of Krzyk (the Scream, both as a sound and as a theater). An unconventional form (as opposed to the typical logo vectors) was supposed to manifest the unpopular style the theatre group had chosen.

The graphic symbol has been recognized by The Second Polish Exhibition of Graphic Symbols and it is presented as one of the 335 Polish characters from the period of 2000–2015. The exhibition has been presented in Gdynia, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Cieszyn, Kielce, Tarnów, Cracow, Vilnius and Zielona Góra.

This sign was also presented at the 25th Wroclaw Graphic Design Exhibition.

Krzykowisko – project signing 3 gropus up: kids, youngs and adults