Located halfway between Lublin and Siedlce, 80 km from the border with Belarus, Borki borough apparently does not stand out with anything special: fields, forests, PGR buildings… It is simply natural. It is that which Borki captivates, and that which it wants to attract tourists and investors with.

Before I accepted the commission for creating a identity of this region, I went there to spend a few days myself. First, I wanted to look for a starting point, do some research, and only later talk about any serious cooperation. I traveled around the whole borough, I got to know the villages that belonged to it, important places, I met with important residents, I visited offices, libraries, cultural centers, schools, chambers and other institutions. I spoke to both employees and people on the street. I traveled by bicycle and even hitchhiked my way around to meet more people.

The key moment was the visit to the Regional Chamber, where I came across a map from 1914 made by Józef Nowicki (Gieometra Rządowy Lubelskiej Komisji Włościańskiej). The handwritten letters found on it were both old and very modern – something very timeless. The construction principles of these letters (roundings, right angles and 45°) have also been found in several other places, for example in the local church and on the tapestries.

Since the borough already has a strong, historically conditioned identifying element in the form of a coat of arms, I decided that the only valid way to design the identity would be to simplify it – according to the rules dictated by letters from the map. In the meantime, Pillcrow studio has devoted itself to developing the entire typeface in three styles.
It was important for me to extract what is valuable in the whole commune – using the maximum of local resources to arouse the residents pride in their place of residence, but also to build their personal relationship with a new (new – but not completely new!) form of identity. I wanted this identity to be a tool, that will help them look again at what they already have. That is why, complementing the identity are photographs by the inhabitants of the commune – mr and mrs Lipko, patterns of tapestries and exceptional regionalism revealed in one of the varieties of come to Borki – “przyjedź do Bork” – not “do Borek”, and not “do Borków” as any non-resident of the commune would say.

The scope of the project also included development of the logo, badges and figures from the competition “Rafałki” and redesigning of the “Czapla” magazine.

Borki font design: Pillcrow
Photos: mr & mrs Lipko