Był sobie

The books by Mariusz Wollny tells the history of Poland in a very interesting and accessible way. The stories of the Piast and the Jagiellonian dynasty are two of the three planned parts of Był sobie król. The combination of chronicler's record and a simple, straightforward narration makes it a family book. Zuza Wollny's amazing illustrations embellish the story.

The 160 × 240 mm format made it possible to design a column for the maximum number of rows with the optimal number of characters per line. At the same time, it allowed to keep the elegant look of the book which harmonizes with an non-typical format of the illustrations. I used the first Polish typeface for the typesetting. The typeface was designed from scratch by Adam Półtawski in the digital adaptation of Janusz Marian Nowacki. The publication is accompanied by Royal Black Peter (kind of Old Maid) cards and a calendar with illustrations from the book.

The best historical book of 2017 in the plebiscite “Collected history” organized by the portal and (category: Non-trivial history, internet users' award).

Photos from production process: Mirek Szymański

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